Maxtrac uses, for its shock absorber program, the same kind of development philosophy. We work towards a well consolidated program, and accordingly the latest OE specifications. No longer are there 5 different shocks for 1 application. Maxtrac always provides a gas filled shock absorber, that covers a wide range of applications. Shock absorbers no longer function 100% after 80.000 km, therefore, check the following to ensure your shock absorbers are functioning correctly.

  • Worn Shock absorbers can cause rapid and uneven tyre wear.
  • If a shock absorber shows traces of oil leaks a quick replacement is necessary
  • If there are more than two bounces when you push down hard on one of the vehicle corners, the shock needs replacement.
  • Worn shock absorbers allow increased body roll and sway, making driving the vehicle and cornering behaviour, unstable and unsafe.
  • Worn out shock absorbers increase the braking distance by several metres. This is caused by the fact that tyres lose contact with the road.

Product Advantages:

  • OE-quality standard
  • Production according OE-Quality standard
  • Program 100% gas filled
  • Consolidated program
  • Maxtrac Shock-Absorbers are developed according to ISO and TÜV standards.