Easy Strut®

The EASY STRUT® is Maxtrac's newest solution that not only ensures high workplace safety. Save time and money by using this new innovative product:

Product advantages:

- Fast and safe assembly

- Optimum price/performance ratio

- No use of special tools

- Higher workplace safety

- Higher customer satisfaction

- Superior ride performance

Maxtrac EASY STRUT® is a complete pre-assembled (McPherson) strut including accessories such as: coilspring, bumpstop, dust cover and top bearing with slide bearing.

With the complete solution EASY STRUT® you achieve a fast and safe assembly.No spring tensioner needed, increased the workshop flow and the optimum price/performance ratio, with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee you're ensured satisfied customers.

As with all of our products we offer a consolidated supply program which is expanded continuously. EASY STRUT® is produced within our usual high quality demands in Germany.